charged for evolution

We write new chapters of the future without pollution and effective use of our planet's resources. We come up with solutions that change the world.

Thanks to our wide range of technology products in combination with our system integration capabilities, we are building an energy network of the future.

innovative, reliable, sustainable.

Energy Storage

High-capacity battery of the future

Our technology brings a revolution in energy distribution. It allows removing the obstacles that traditional networks face unsuccessfully. Thanks to the temporary energy storage in high-capacity batteries, we overcome the new challenges that are linked to decentralized energy,  whether in the field of renewable energy sources or in securing the demands arising from the expansion of the charging stations.

Charging stations

Energy available anywhere

We build charging stations in any environment, from households through public spaces to industrial parks. We bring change and efficiency to places where current technology solutions fail. We are also able to satisfy the demands of future high-sampling technology and its adaptation to local distribution network capabilities.

Automation of networks

End of inefficient energy distribution

We provide online monitoring of networks, which enables us to detect risks in advance and prevent possible problems. This insight into the individual points within the transmission network is one of the basic elements which enable us to manage energy transmissions in real time, more efficiently and safely.

Smart Networks

Reliable, tailored solutions

We create new concepts of electrical networks that overcome current solutions efficiency and stability. We can create tailor-made projects in the various extent in high and low voltage networks. We are your partner in projects that connect the existing situation with the needs of modern energy into a single functional unit.

We are creating the future for more efficient, safer and sustainable energy.