Reliable and high-tech charging stations for electromobiles.

A complete line of Charging Stations for homes, offices and public spaces with different capacities and functions. Please meet them. 

I am Eve Mini

A modern and very compact solution with a 3.7 to 22 kW charging capacity.

I offer smart technology in a very small, modern station-style. I am equipped with integrated DC fault detection and GPRS / Ethernet connection, optionally with multilingual color display. You can get me in a version with a socket or a 5 or 8-meter rechargeable cable.

I am Eve

High-performance charging station with two outlets and a charging capacity of 3.7 to 22 kW.

I am equipped with two charging terminals and a large front display. My reinforced glass case is resistant to vandalism. I come with many features and I'm easy to use. My installation is easy and I offer several variants of charging capacities.

I am Twin

Highly robust and solid charging station designed specifically for public spaces.

I'm made entirely of stainless steel and thanks to the neutral design I naturally fit into the look of a common street. I'm equipped with two drawers and ready for heavy city traffic.


Technical specifications