Greener and Alfen power this Summer’s festival season with clean battery energy


Greener grows rapidly with new order for eight (8) mobile battery storage systems from Alfen.

Greener, a sustainable energy provider for events and off-grid situations, orders eight new mobile battery energy storage systems from Alfen, specialist in energy solutions for the future. The mobile storage systems will be deployed to provide a green alternative for temporary diesel generators, for example at festivals, throughout Europe.

The first storage system that was delivered, supplied clean battery energy to the 'Welcome to The Village' festival in Leeuwarden last weekend. Welcome to The Village is one of the greenest festivals in the world and has set the goal to be fully circular by 2022. The storage system was used to provide clean and silent power for peak demand related to the festival's sound, lighting and other power consumption. These peaks were traditionally supplied by diesel generators, but can now be replaced by a clean alternative from energy storage.

Dieter Castelein, Co-founder at Greener, comments: "Old diesel cars are being banned from city centers, but events and construction sites still rely most of the time on polluting diesel generators. With our Alfen-built mobile battery storage systems, we have the technology to offer green energy to locations such as here at Welcome to The Village."